Bundesliga betting tips for this week

Bayern are currently a power in football. Whether Bundesliga, DFB Cup or Champions League, there is no team which is safe from Götze, Müller and Co. And that show Bayern again. Even in games where they don’t shine, significant results can be achieved.

According to Bet365 a German team was previously feared in Europe. And they are unfortunately right! I am absolutely no one who sympathizes with the Bavarians. Nevertheless, Bet365 says that one must admit that it is a result of hard work and training. A team must also only a time to bring in such a situation without being bought by a wealthy investor and to stand without tens of millions in debt.

In recent weeks, the Bavarians were actually a guarantee that many goals are scored in a game. Up to 3 goals are actually not uncommon to Munich side. Therefore, I am firmly convinced that even again tonight must fall at least 3 goals. Although the FC Augsburg plays in the league well with, but Bayern will show here in Derby, who is the stronger team. Augsburg is to concede defeat without a fight, so I expect a good football game and a result which is tight and I`ll be betting at Bet365.

SC Freiburg against Bayer Leverkusen

Leverkusen has proven that you can compete in Europe with the strong teams. But still small weakness can be seen again and again how against Manchester United at the Kanter defeat. According to Bet365 with the 3-0 win against Nuremberg but you have now proven that there is another way.

Now the sports club from Freiburg stands as an opponent on the list. I expect a strong performance from Leverkusen. These are more definitely, but the question arises whether this is possible in the regular season. Because we have a cup game and there is always known to their own rules.

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